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  • Studio Legale Bianchi Schierholz & Partners
  • Studio Legale Bianchi Schierholz & Partners

Tax accounting and business administration

Fiscal Consulting

Consulting companies in accounting and taxation matters; planning and budgeting for private business and corporations; compliance with legal requirements; choice of company structure, tax representation before the Financial Administration and the Tributary Courts, representation in court during a litigation.

Accounting and Administrative Consulting

Auditing and management of accounting tasks; consulting and management of administrative departments during the preparation of balance sheets and revision of income tax returns.

Survey & Company Auditing

Preparation and auditing of company balance sheets and income statements, including evaluation of company’s goodwill and the value of coing concern; assistance in merges, acquisition and states of companies.

Company restructuring

Consulting during company restructuring from a legal and accounting perspective.

Other services

Consulting during negotiations; review of financing options; analysis of different financing options (different types of debt, equity, etc.) available to the company; use of our company address by our clients as a legal mailing address in Italy (mail forwarding service).


Tributary updating

Taxation accounting updates newsletters, fax or e-mail.